Riversimple: Starting with a Blank Canvas

Riversimple - Mobility as a Service

For a long time, profit maximization has remained the ethos of the automotive industry. The factory mindset of ‘the more products you sell, the more money you make’ leaves little room to reflect on the environmental or social impact of the products sold. Riversimple, the world’s only independent hydrogen car startup, aims to break this … Read more

IKEA offers Furniture as a Service

IKEA Furniture as a Service

IKEA plans to roll out a Product-as-a-Service business model wherein clients can rent Furniture as a Service instead of purchasing fixtures. It’s a bid that appeals to a younger clientele and everyone who is concerned about the cost of ownership when furnishing a home or office. It is also a move towards a circular economy that involves returning old furniture to IKEA for refurbishing and re-selling.

Canoo: Build for Mobility as a Service

Photograph of the Canoo

Upon launching the website it is clear that Canoo doesn’t want to be another electric vehicle startup. The first thing you’ll see is the payoff “Your electric vehicle membership”. Their goal isn’t to sell you an electric car but a quick, easy and affordable means of personal mobility. Their service and product are all designed … Read more

Circos launches subscriptions for children’s and maternity clothing


Young children grow out of clothing fast and good clothing doesn’t come cheap. Furthermore, the short lifespan of the clothing is also a major environmental burden. For the company Circos these where important motivations to launch its subscription service. The startup has launched its service in the Netherlands and Denmark this month to offer a … Read more