Moving towards a Product-as-a-Service-system is difficult. Luckily there are resources that could help make this transition easier. On this page, you’ll find useful resources to get your company started with Product-as-a-Service.

Whitepaper ‘The Circular Phone’


Presenting solutions that bridge the gap between businesses and financiers. Using Fairphone as a leading example, the unique interdisciplinary consortium was able to break through the financing pitfall surrounding the circular business model and shares a legal Circular Service Contract and a financial cash flow tool to support Product-as-a-Service models.

Subscription Billing Buyers Guide

The subscription billing buyers guide

“Get all the tools you need to select the right subscription billing solution for your organization.”

The Path To Servitization Maturity

“Here are you on your journey to delivering Products-as-a-Service and how can you simultaneously optimize your current business while preparing for the future? Find out how to accelerate this inevitable transformation in your organization with a new maturity model. Complete the form to receive your copy.”

The PaaS Business Case Calculator

“This calculator allows you to test your Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) proposition, see what margins you can achieve and what metrics are important when starting a PaaS-proposition or pilot.”

Accessing Consumer Products Through Better Means

“New consumption models can make high-quality products accessible to more people and reduce the underuse and/or discarding of products. Access can be facilitated through a range
of sharing and reuse models, often digitally enabled, that benefit people, business, and the health of the wider system.”

Product-as-a-Service Question Kit

To close the knowledge gap between circular entrepreneurs and financiers, Circle Economy has developed the PaaS Question Kit: A comprehensive guide to PaaS business models. The Kit leads both entrepreneurs and financiers through a series of questions they need to ask themselves before starting their conversation.

Financing Circular Business Models

Financing Circular Business Models

Although the opportunities for investing in circular business models are widely available, current investment methods do not match the needs of these unique businesses.

To finance these business models both companies as well as the financial sector need to adapt. Businesses need to create an attractive business model for financiers, and financiers need to change the way they perceive the risks and opportunities associated with these models.