The environmental benefits of Product-as-a-Service

Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) can provide users a flexible and convenient way to use products and provide producers and retail outfits a way to create recurring revenue. When properly instituted, this business model could prove to have significant environmental benefits. It could help the global drive towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. Use only when … Read more

Heating as a Service: Japan ahead of its time

heating as a service

To rent or lease heaters is now a thing, especially in Japan where heating as a service has become commonplace. The business of renting out heaters was introduced by a Japanese company in 2001. Since then, the company has continued the approach of selling a service, aside from just selling heating appliances. This business practice is now called “product as a service” or PaaS.

Report on “Everything-as-a-Service: The Unconference”

Everything-as-a-Service: The Unconference 2019

On the eleventh of November, a diverse group of experts from a variety of fields attended “Everything-as-a-Service: The Unconference”. The event was organized by Firmhouse in collaboration with Emerce and held in the iconic “Groothandelsgebouw” in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Because of the free-flowing “unconference“-format and the broadly defined theme of the event, the scope of … Read more