solar power as a service

Solar Power as a Service

Companies like Tesla offer solar power as a service via a subscription scheme. Renting without long-term contracts make environment-friendly energy more accessible to average homeowners.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service: The WHYs and the WHOs

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based software application that users access via the internet. It is cloud-based and users no longer have to purchase expensive software nor download them to their desktop, laptop, or computer network after a costly one-time purchase. The software application could be anything from a gaming software to a business application.

heating as a service

Heating as a Service: Japan ahead of its time

To rent or lease heaters is now a thing, especially in Japan where heating as a service has become commonplace. The business of renting out heaters was introduced by a Japanese company in 2001. Since then, the company has continued the approach of selling a service, aside from just selling heating appliances. This business practice is now called “product as a service” or PaaS.

IKEA Furniture as a Service

IKEA offers Furniture as a Service

IKEA plans to roll out a Product as a Service business model wherein clients can rent Furniture as a Service instead of purchasing fixtures. It’s a bid that appeals to a younger clientele and everyone who is concerned about the cost of ownership when furnishing a home or office. It is also a move towards a circular economy that involves returning old furniture to IKEA for refurbishing and re-selling.


Circos launches subscriptions for children’s and maternity clothing

Young children grow out of clothing fast and good clothing doesn’t come cheap. Furthermore, the short lifespan of the clothing is also a major environmental burden. For the company Circos these where important motivations to launch its subscription service. The startup has launched its service in the Netherlands and Denmark this month to offer a …

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