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Heating as a Service: Japan ahead of its time

To rent or lease heaters is now a thing, especially in Japan where heating as a service has become commonplace. The business of renting out heaters was introduced by a Japanese company in 2001. Since then, the company has continued the approach of selling a service, aside from just selling heating appliances. This business practice is now called “product as a service” or PaaS.

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IKEA Furniture as a Service
Case study

IKEA offers Furniture as a Service

IKEA plans to roll out a Product-as-a-Service business model wherein clients can rent Furniture as a Service instead of purchasing fixtures. It’s a bid that appeals to a younger clientele and everyone who is concerned about the cost of ownership when furnishing a home or office. It is also a move towards a circular economy that involves returning old furniture to IKEA for refurbishing and re-selling.

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