Designing Component Interfaces for the Circular Economy—A Case Study for Product-As-A-Service Business Models in the Automotive Industry (2022)

TitleProduct-service system design methodology: from the PSS architecture design to the products specifications
AuthorsPhilip Krummeck, Yagmur Damla Dokur, Daniel Braun, Steffen Kiemel & Robert Miehe
SummaryThe automotive industry, known for its resource-intensive nature, holds significant promise for waste reduction through innovative circular business models, necessitating technical innovations to facilitate quick dismantling of add-on parts. This study explores the design of novel mechanical interfaces that allow for speedy and non-destructive dismantling, meeting all technical prerequisites, and proposes a universal model for assessing disassembly capability. A thorough examination of existing dismantling options for add-ons, exemplified by the front bumper, informs the development of new interface concepts, addressing challenges in the removal of neighboring components. By incorporating an intermediate level between the front bumper and the front module, we crafted two different interface concepts, demonstrating a nearly 60% reduction in the process steps needed for the bumper removal compared to existing solutions. The applied methodology’s extrapolation to other vehicle components is pivotal for maximizing environmental, economic, and societal benefits.