Product-as-a-Service and the Circular Economy explained

Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a business model that is gaining popularity. Leasing products instead of selling them has benefits for businesses and consumers that go far beyond convenience and flexibility. Product-as-a-Service and Circular Economy are often associated with each other. This is because PaaS could be an important driver of the Circular Economy. This website is meant to become your gateway to newsknowledge, and resources related to PaaS in relation to the Circular Economy.

What is Product-as-a-Service?

Leasing a product is the simplest form of the business model commonly known as Product-as-a-Service or PaaS for short. The end-user doesn’t own the product but pays a set amount over the period of time it is used by them. The fundamental characteristic of PaaS however isn’t the physical product but that it focuses on providing utility. 

A well-known example is lighting as a service. If a company wants to illuminate office space it isn’t interested in which light bulbs are used but that they pay the best price for the best end result. It is all about finding the best lighting solution and making sure this solution can be adapted to changing circumstances such as product improvements or new demands by the end-user. A well-designed PaaS-offering, therefore, is focussed on service with the product only being a means to an end.

Product-as-a-Service Clothing

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