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  • Why Furniture as a Service Works Today
    People no longer want to own things – including furniture. Furniture as a Service offers an alternative.
  • The environmental benefits of Product as a Service
    Product as a Service (PaaS) can provide users a flexible and convenient way to use products and provide producers and retail outfits a way to create recurring revenue. When properly instituted, this business model could prove to have significant environmental benefits. It could help the global drive towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. […]
  • Riversimple: Starting with a Blank Canvas
    For a long time, profit maximization has remained the ethos of the automotive industry. The factory mindset of ‘the more products you sell, the more money you make’ leaves little room to reflect on the environmental or social impact of the products sold. Riversimple, the world’s only independent hydrogen car startup, aims to break this […]
  • PaaS Circular Economy Fueled by Millennials
    The PaaS industry and the circular economy are being driven by millennials. They have been restructuring and disrupting long established industries to mold them into their unique lifestyle.
  • Circular Economy from a Linear Economy
    The shift from a linear to a circular economy is not a just a passing trend but a necessity. For many decades, we have been living a linear lifestyle, wherein raw materials are used to create a product, and after its use, waste such as broken appliances or packaging are disposed of. Most of our waste end up in landfills or in the ocean, causing pollution and irreparable damage to the planet and to ourselves.